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We offer one of the largest ranges of projector lamps and projector bulbs in Australia. We offer the genuine projector lamps, as well as an alternative projector lamp range, including the Diamond projector lamp, Philips projector lamp and Smart projector lamp ranges.

Please call us if you need assistance in identifying the correct lamp for your projector, or if you would like assistance in choosing between the Genuine OEM Lamp or one of the alternative lamps.

What’s the difference between a “Lamp” and a “Bulb”?

Well most people confuse the terminologies, but if you look below you can see the difference.

The lamp generally consists of a cage or casing and a bulb. So, in most cases end users should purchase a “Lamp” (not a “Bulb”). This is what the manufacturers have designed for end users to replace there light source for the projector.

Replacing the whole unit (Lamp) is as same easy and efficient way to renew your projectors performance.

Whilst we can sell you a bulb, we don’t recommend this selection, as it requires careful expect disassembly and installation into the cage or casing.

What’s the difference between a “Genuine Lamp”, “Diamond Lamp” an a “Smart Lamp”?

We offer one of the largest ranges of Lamps and Bulbs in Australia and are pleased to sell you any of the varieties available. But it’s important to understand the difference in performance, life and warranty.

To make this easier to understand below are the different types available.

Original Manufacturers Lamp (OEM)

The lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the original projector. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. but tends to be the most expensive offering and often has the shortest warranty (typically 3 months).

Diamond Projector Lamp

Diamond Lamps combine the identical genuine bulb installed in the Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage. Diamond Lamp are a lower cost selection the the original/genuine OEM part, but will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp but at a lower price. It’s also very important to note that Diamond Lamps are offered with a 12 month warranty. So, often they offer a longer warranty than the Genuine OEM brand part.

Philips not only supply bulbs to OEM lamps and Diamond Lamps, but also manufacture a selection of their own lamps using the same Philips bulb. Similar to Diamond Lamps in design they tend to be more expensive. They offer a 6 month conditional warranty.

Projector Smart LampA Smart Lamp is a Premier Compatible Lamp – the only one available on the market. Smart Lamps are manufactured using proven, high quality parts, many of which are used by the original equipment manufacturers. Smart Lamps are constructed and tested to exacting standards. Unlike copy lamps that cut costs by using the cheapest components, a Smart Lamp delivers high quality and reliability to offer a great value alternative to the projector manufacturer’s own replacement lamp. Smart lamps have a 12 month warranty.

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